Screw this. I’m out of here…​ ​

“Screw this. I’m out of here.”

That’s what the disgruntled flight attendant likely said to herself before she pulled the emergency exit handle….and sauntered down the plane’s emergency exit.

She was clearly over it.

But what she did was quite mild compared to another flight attendant who quit.

After dealing with a passenger who was trying to exit the plane too early….

Steve, decided he had enough of being a flight attendant.

So he swilled a beer in one gulp.

Got on the PA system and yelled a bunch of obscenities

Then, got off the plane.

But here’s the truth.

These two angry birds simply acted on, what a lot of people are thinking.

Some people love their jobs.

But for others it’s something to endure while hanging out for the weekend. Many people feel a sense of dread welling up in their stomachs by Sunday afternoon, at the thought of Monday.

Especially with the grind of city traffic gridlock now days. Stress overload city.

If they happened to strike it rich one day with a lucky lotto ticket….they would be out of there in a flash!

And, that’s the sheer beauty of Todd Polke’s investing system.

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Take Sanders – a nurse from Western Sydney.

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