(Shocking Photos) Is this shonkiest real estate agent EVER???

So typically we try and make our house look great for real estate agents listing photos.

A touch of paint. Some nice furniture. Mow the lawn.

This real estate agent took things a step further!

Here’s the ‘photo’ that he took.

And here’s the actual house.

Notice the difference? How about a giant mega water vat behind it?

How this guy or gal expected to get away with it I don’t know.

A lovely young couple get to the house: ‘Oh wow, I didn’t notice that in the photo – but actually it really adds a unique touch – don’t think dear’.

Anyways, there’s big fines for this sort of behaviour – 20k plus – so this real estate agent could be in hot water.

But you know what – there’s so much more to buying the right property than avoiding getting hoodwinked by sleazy real estate agents.

Knowing what yield to target for your unique situation so you don’t max out your borrowing power

Knowing which areas have the biggest infrastructure, population and employment trends bolstering them

Knowing how to negotiate big fat discounts – or buying into an area beneath the bench mark price

Finding the right team to work with so you don’t make any big fat mistakes (Accounting, property finance, research team and more)

And much more.

This ‘strategic approach’ what separates the ‘Pros’ from the ‘Joes’ in the world of investing.

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