Should you buy residential property or commercial property?

When Helen first started out in property, she bought a property in regional NSW.

It gave her $50 per year of positive cash flow – that’s net income after expenses.

It was good but not great.

She wondered if she got only $50 from one property, how could she possibly replace her job income with passive income.

She knew she had to invest differently.

She looked at other strategies like renovation, flip, etc., etc., but she felt they took too much time and energy.

And she was already super busy at work.

Then one day she stumbled across a secret tactic. This secret tactic allowed her to replace my income fast.

In fact, she now earns over $871 per day of passive income from her portfolio.

What was this secret tactic? Simply buy commercial property.

That’s right, buy commercial property.

Now you may be thinking commercial property is too risky.

Or the vacancy risk is too high.

Or they are too expensive.

Or the banks will only lend you 70% on them.

However, as she will show you it’s possible to ‘bypass’ these issues  and potentially replace your income with commercial property fast, just like she has done.

Now you can join her at her free 2-hour masterclass in your city…to learn the ‘ins and out’s’ of commercial property investing.

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Here’s a recent example of a deal her student recently bought.

Just $530,000 giving them around $2,000 per year positive cashflow.

If you would like to own a property like this for regular, healthy cashflow, come along to the free event.

FREE EVENT – Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy – Click Here


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