“Smart Drugs” and Property Investors?

Have you seen the movie ‘Limitless’?

It’s about a dead-beat writer, who finds this new ‘smart drug’ that allows him to think 10x faster.

He learns new languages in days…

Turns $1,000’s into millions on the stock market

And, basically transforms his life with his new powers…

Now, of course no such drug exists.

But, the closest us property investors can get to this is ‘the mastermind effect’.

Here’s how I’ve found it works.

When I spend time with multi-millionaire investors and entrepreneurs I get new ideas….new contacts….new opportunities andnew investment strategies…put in my lap.

All of these add big dollars to my bank accounts.

It’s like when a Billionaire industrialist was accused of being ignorant. He said, ‘don’t be ridiculous – I can push a button and get any answer I want in seconds.

This is the sort of network; I want you to build – a Millionaire Mastermind, so your own knowledge, skill and contacts is multiplied x 10.

And the best place to get started is at Todd Polke’s Masterclass coming up in your city soon.

That’s because you cannot only connect with Todd and his team…you’ll meet other successful investors, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers who attend.

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