So when did ‘Naked Dating’ become a thing?

I was at a hotel in Sydney on the weekend and was channel browsing…

And, I saw something new…

It was a German reality T.V show where they put a guy and a girl in their 20’s on a tropical island…and they go on a date…

Completely naked!

It was called Adam and Eve, from memory.

I thought to myself ‘crazy Europeans, what will they dream up next’.

Then I saw an Ad for an Australian version of the same show on Australian T.V!

Holy moly!

What will they do next? Naked Masterchef? Naked ‘The Block’.

 Anyway, the whole ‘naked’ thing got me thinking about transparency – particularly in real estate.

For example, one common practice in real estate is ‘made up’ offers.

Real estate agents getting you to raise your bid on the price of a property…’because we’ve got someone else interested’…

Who knows if they really do?

That’s the problem with a private negotiation – you need to take the agents word for a lot of stuff.

This doesn’t work in your favour – it works in the vendors favour.

That’s why it’s so important you come to Todd Polke’s Property Wealth Masterclass.

He’ll show you a new way of getting properties at a discount – without even needing to negotiate with a real estate agent.

Or even browsing on

In fact, he used this simple strategy to get a property at an $110,000 discount on market value.

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