Spare a thought for the poor people of Vaucluse and Brighton…

Did you know that up to 30,000 people in Australia’s richest suburbs are under financial stress now?

For example, as the AFR reports today:

“Hundreds of households in Sydney’s harbourside Vaucluse, where the median property price is $4.5 million, or Melbourne’s bayside Brighton, where a median priced house is $2.6 million, are being severely squeezed as costs continue to stretch incomes…”


Here’s the snapshot of what’s happening.

Many of the folks in these suburbs may earn a lot, but they also spend a lot.

Volvos, School fees, etc. don’t come cheap!

And, in the last 3 years of the property boom many have also borrowed a lot.

“They’ve bought property in premium suburbs in the best performing markets in the world and they suddenly think they are always making money, despite earning the same amount of pay” says a prominent buyers advocate of high end homes.

Financial stress is terrible, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Sadly, many of these families will be forced to sell their properties – possibly at distressed prices.

Despite having perhaps $1 or $2 million of equity in them because of the recent price boom.

For example, a recent report suggests that in Melbourne’s affluent bayside suburb of Brighton…where a beach box sells for $300k+!…

Up to 1,000 families are under distress or could be forced to sell in the next 12 months.

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