(Spoiler Alert) Maybe there ISN’T a pot of Gold at end of the Rainbow

So, big response to the Amazon “Blue Sky” Seminar – with over 1,100 registrations in the past week.

We’ll be closing registrations at some venues soon due to room capacities – so if you want ‘in’…get on it now.


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Now, let me get on my soap box for a fully-blown RANT.

So, this guy responded to our ad for this event on Facebook with the following:

“Hey look! Another multi-level marketing scheme peddling the secret to happiness and wellbeing! There is no easier way folks. Eat healthy, get some exercise, get some education and get a real job. You’re welcome, that’ll be $40 https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/fdc/1.5/16/1f60e.png

At first glance, this sounds like good advice.

But the problem is…it’s B.S on so many levels.

Firstly, of course, selling on Amazon isn’t MLM.

You own the product. It’s your business.

Amazon is just a platform that allows you to get your product out to millions…

Potentially 100’s of millions of people…in the easiest possible way.

(Because Amazon handles the warehousing and shipping etc. for you)

Now, eating healthy and exercise is good – so I agree with our ‘wise friend’ there.

Especially, because there’s only 2 months will summer to get ripped.

The countdown is on…

But, the whole idea of ‘education and getting a real job’ as being the key to life success….

Well, I am not sold!

Now, of course education is good.

I spent 5 years at Uni, and read a book or two a week.

And, I’ve invested at least $50,000 since in self-education courses. So big believer in learning.

And, getting a good job is obviously a great thing as well, because it allows you to contribute to society and support yourself and others.

But if “education and getting a real job” was the key to life success then why are 80% of Aussies still relying the Pension in retirement!

Many of them have ‘education and got real jobs’ –  but still didn’t achieve financial freedom.

It’s surely not by choice – because the Pension is only a few hundred bucks a week…so it’s hard to travel and eat out, if you’re living on that.

I’ve got a relative who is on the Pension and she was cleaning houses in her 70’s just to afford a holiday.

What’s my point: as Todd Polke says, the default life path…

Study hard…get a good job….battle traffic each day….work long hours….doesn’t always get you to where you want to go.

Spoiler alert….

There isn’t always pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

So, if you want to supplement your income…and potentially earn an extra few $1,000 per month by trialling something new (without selling to friends or family!)

Then come along to this brand-new Amazon seminar…and find out more about this unique opportunity.

Because, here’s a fun fact.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, over 70,000 people make over $100,000 in sales on this platform.

And you, my friend, could be 70,001.


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  1. Paea tauri

    Hi there I registered for this event and never received a confirmation email. A friend registered and she hasn’t received one either. We’re travelling from Camden and don’t want to be turned away.


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