Surprising property success lesson from a crazy dictator

Here’s an interesting life lesson from an unlikely source…

Saddam Hussein the former dictator of Iraq had his whole team of advisors around him.

He said, ‘How can I handle the diplomatic situation with U.S.A better’.

One of his experts said…

‘Look things, between you and President Bush have got personal. Why don’t you let someone else step up as president for a while to handle the talks? Then once it’s negotiated you take over again’.

Saddam Hussein pulled out pistol and shot him.

Then he asked the rest of the room… ‘Any other ideas’?

People were surprisingly quiet after that.

Now, obviously, this is the exact opposite of what us property investors should do.

We should get the smartest people possible around us – and listen to their counsel.

Some people like to think they are the smartest person on the room.

But, as the old saying goes… ‘If you’re so smart…why aren’t you rich’.

Results are truth.

So start getting smart property focused accountants, finance brokers and mentors around you…and you’ll potentially ‘fast-forward’ your property journey in triple speed.

With less mistakes too.

Here’s how to get started in building your own ‘round-table’ of experts – click here for free event with a superstar property mentor who’s helped literally 1000’s of investors ….

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