Sydney’s ‘Rent-by-the-Room’ Positive Cashflow Bonanza

Have you heard about the “Cashflow Bonanza” strategy for Sydney Property Investors?

This ‘loop-hole’ allows you potentially…

Get up to 4 times the rental income from a single property!

Instead of getting 3% yield…you can get up to 12% yield.

And, the best thing is… many Councils love this strategy.

Now, as we know, Sydney investors been spoiled with capital growth for past 3 years…

But, rental yields are at rock-bottom!  And this can have horrendous impact on your personal cashflow situation.

So, this is a strategy to potentially ‘skyrocket’ your cashflow…with a hot-in-demand property type, that some tenants love.


The good news is….Nhan will talk you through this hot-new strategy at Deals on Fire.


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