“Tax Free” Trump’s Dirty Little Secret?

I read recently Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns to the public.

This is the ‘done thing’ for Presidential candidates, so expect to hear more about this.

The question is why? What’s the big secret lurking in the tax returns?

If I was to hazard a guess, it’s because he pays little to no tax.

And, not because he’s’ a ‘’bad’’ person……

Simply because, real estate tax laws in America are so supportive of investors.

After all, many members of the US Congress own substantial real estate!

So, because of his extensive real estate holdings…. after depreciation etc. and other tax advantages he could be paying $0 in tax.

But here’s the thing.

While, our tax laws our not quite as loving to us property investors….

They are still relatively kind to us.

Depreciation…negative gearing….SMSFs….can all give investors a significant tax cut.

Now of course, CGT and land tax are not a lot of fun.

And, yes, I know negative gearing and tax concessions to SMSF’s are under attack… but my view is the advantages will remain strong over time.

Why? Because:

1. The government wants to support the housing industry – it’s’ our second biggest employer after retail

2. Many politicians are property investors

But here’s the thing.

Regardless of what the boffins in Canberra do the tax laws…

You can still sit pretty as a property investor if you manage what Todd Polke calls your ‘Financial Flow’ in the right way….

In fact, at Property Wealth Masterclass, Todd Polke’s going to show you how to potentially pay off your home loan in under 10 years…. instead of 30 years.

This could save you as much as $1 million in interest paid to the bank!

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