The #1 question to ask if you want to make big money in real estate

Sometimes people come up to Nhan and say

“I am finding it hard to get real estate deals at a discount.”

And he says: “how many low-ball offers did you make today?”

And, that’s the critical question.

As Dolf De Roos says: If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money.

The other key skill to master, is becoming a ‘local area market expert’ so you know what to offer – and don’t pay too much.

You also need to know how to get sellers to come to you to sell their property – before even thinking about going to a real estate agent.

This is the secret to cracker deals in this market – and any market.

If you’d like to know how to do that, make sure you join Nhan at his Small Developments Made Easy masterclass.

But you must hurry, because event registrations close soon.

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