The “180 Minutes” Secret of Passive Income

So, how do some folks manage to get out of the 9-5 by replacing their income with a more passive form of income?

One day, they’re working the grind, making money for someone else (like most of us do), and hoping for a pay increase once every twelve months.

Then, a few months later, suddenly, they’re out, and they’re running their own six-figure business.

How the heck did they do that?

Usually, we’re stuck at work, caught in a catch-22.

We need time out of the office to build up another income….and we need to build up enough income so we can get out of the office.

But, some people find a way out of the maze of ‘busy-ness” that most people find themselves caught in.

The secret is the “9-12 hustle”.

Assuming, you are not a trust fund kid, no one is going to give you tons of income out of the blue.

No boss is going to give you a heap of time off.

You need to create it for yourself.

Which is why some folks use the small window between 9 pm till midnight to carve out their future.

In terms of future income, it’s the most important time of the day.

By 9, the kids have usually been fed and are now sleeping. Or at the very least, the house is quiet.

Of course, this could 9-10pm or 6 am to 7 am, if 1 hour per day is the max you’ve got the energy for.

It’s amazing how much you can get done in 60 minutes of focused work – assuming the sirens of Facebook don’t call you onto their island of distractions.

But, simply having 1-3 hours per day still isn’t quite enough.

If you really want to leap ahead, it’s what you DO in those 1-3 hours that makes the difference.

You need ‘leveraged’ opportunities.

Otherwise, you might as well go to Coles and just stack shelves in your late evenings and pay the bills that way.

That’s not going to get you ahead.

And, one of the best ways to generate ‘spare time’ income is ‘Air-Cashflow’.

In fact, this amazing strategy allowed a Queensland couple to go from $0 to an average of $9,040 profit per month…..from properties they don’t even own!

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