The “97%” Reason Airbnb’s Great For Extra Cashflow

Over the last couple of years, Airbnb has become the world’s best-known platform for seeking accommodation.

Aside from making travel a lot more convenient, it has opened a new market where people can create a stable ‘spare time’ cashflow businesses.

Here are 7 facts you need to know if you’re looking into this as a potential way of generating extra cash flow.

1.    Airbnb hosts can make a lot of money

Airbnb lets the hosts keep up to 97% of the profits from the listing. There are no hidden fees and expenses that Airbnb hosts need to cover.  This combined with the potentially 2 x higher rental income means, it can be a great way to boost your cash flow on an investment property. But, it does need to the right property in the right location.

2.    It all started with inflated mattresses

The founders of Airbnb inflated three mattresses and put them into an apartment with the goal of providing accommodation to people in San Francisco. This is the beginning of Airbnb.

3.    Today, it’s huge

10 years after the initial idea, Airbnb now has 4.5 million listings in more than 81,000 cities across the world. The company’s value is US$31 billion.

4. London is the most attractive location

With more than 59,000 listings, London is the most popular city in which Airbnb operates.

5. The company is still young

Around 55% of people that don’t use Airbnb said that they hadn’t heard of it. This means that it’s only going to grow bigger as the brand awareness rises.

6. People prefer it to hotels

42% of users said that Airbnb rentals replaced the hotels they would’ve stayed at. Since its popularity will only grow, there’s no doubt that this number will increase.

7. People love it

In 2017, 91% of people stated that they were either somewhat or very satisfied with the service.

Cash in on Airbnb – Even if You Don’t Own a Property

As you can see, Airbnb is still a “rising star” despite its significant market penetration. This is the main reason why so many people have already started making money through it.

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