[The Billionaires Playbook] Buy When there’s Blood on the Streets…

The late Billionaire investor, Sir John Templeton began his life as a simple farm boy.

In fact, he had to drop out of college because he couldn’t afford the tuition.

But he did understand the miracle of compounding, because when he started working he put away 50% of what he earned…and put it to work in investments.

How did he do in his investments?

Well Sir John was a student of history.

And he said ‘…You find the bargains at the point of maximum pessimism’.

john templeton

Sir John Templeton
A Farm Boy who Made Billions By Buying When Others are Scared

When things are good, people think they’ll be good forever – ‘this time it’s different’ are the words to watch out for!

And when times are bad…folks ‘SELL EVERYTHING’ because they get emotional.

They sell stocks, shares, businesses etc. at bargain prices.

That’s why the great financier Baron Rothschild said…

‘The time to buy is when there’s blood on the streets’.

So what Sir John did was in 1939 on the eve of World War 2…he scraped together $10,000 to invest in the New York Stock Market.

He bought 100 shares of every company trading under $1.

Can you think of a time of greater pessimism than the eve of a horrific world war?

Yet his courage (and research) paid off. After war ended in 1945 the US economy surged and his portfolio gains were the seed for his multi-billion portfolio.

In fact his portfolio grew by as much as 15% per year!

Frankly, I would run across the scorching Sahara bare foot for those sort of monster sized gains! (Disclaimer – I probably wouldn’t.)

Even in his death now his foundation gives away up to $70 million a year to help humanity.

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