The Books You Just Have To Read For Success In Life

I am very often asked by my clients and audience and by people in general about the books and resources that they should read to begin shifting their lives and take things to another level.

Now I have ready truckloads of books.  I used to have a mantra of reading 1 book per week and would schedule this as an integral part of my every day activities. It was my growth hour and was one of the most valuable habits, which has contributed to the success I have achieved in my life.

It is so important to be on your own strategic growth journey and through everything I have read and the experiences I have had, I know which books have had a dramatic impact on my life and the direction I have taken and the path I am treading and I love passing this wisdom and distinctions onto others.

Now the journey you are on is different as it is for every person based on what your true outcomes are. So, I am going to outlay some of the books which I believe every entrepreneur and in fact anyone who is committed to making their life something extraordinary and is not willing to settle for the mediocre should read. I have many many to mention, but the point is to give you what I believe is a great journey to begin on and then you can go down the rabbit hole from there.



Wow, there is a lot here – I have had many that have impacted my life in different areas – I have different books for marketing, for personal branding, for leadership, for management and on and on, so I am just going to focus on some of the fundamentals which will create a floor below all others.

freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img002Michael Gerber – The E-myth

Frankly, this book will give you massive insight on a simple wa to understand why most businesses will fail or will wind up becoming just another job for you, with much longer hours and more stress.

You are going to massively remember the way Michael Gerber walks you through the life stages of a business and the phrase “work on your business, and not in it”.

Key Take-away:

Pay particular attention to the difference between being an entrepreneur vs a manager vs a technician as it is critical to business success and one of the key reason why most people deciding to go into business wind up just buying themselves another job.

freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img003Gary Vanyeurchuk – Crush It

This book gives you massive insight into one of the keys to creating huge success in your life – Make a living by doing what you love and following your passions.

I love his down to earth attitude and no bullshit approach and his work on branding and building a tribe and community around you.

Key Take-away:

Build a brand and build a community. Awesome

freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img004Simon Sinek – Start with Why

I love this book as it underpins everything else and talks about the importance of having the “Why” behind going into business and why you are doing what you are doing. No-one cares about you in business or what you offer, but they definitely care about why you are doing it. We are all looking for a cause and a mission to rally around and if you understand your own Why, you can craft your entire business around this so it rings loud and true and others who believe the same will be drawn to your own calling. Very powerful.

Delivering Happines by Tony Hsieh on the Zappos story is also awesome for culture and customer care insights.



freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img006Timothy Ferris – 4-hour work week

This guy is a cool cat who just does anything and everything and has truly shifted the landscape around work and life and life and work. He is the ultimate advocate and living proof that you can design your life the way you want it. Time to let go of excuses of why you can’t do something and turn your world of what you believe is normal upside down. Mini retirements, location freedom, virtual assistants and outsourcing and never waiting for the right time are critical components. Get into it.



freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img008Flip the Switch – Andrew May

Andrew is a productivity expert and was a personal mentor of mine in my early twenties when I was a personal trainer. He certainly shifted my perspective on a lot of things and gave me some critical skill sets which have permeated every other part of my life. On top of that he is a top bloke. Learning how to use your most critical and valuable asset being your time is essential to all other success in life.

I also enjoyed How to be a Time Master by an author I don’t remember the name of right now, sorry.

Key Take-away:

One of my key learnings which has permeated every part of my life was the difference between being busy versus being productive.

freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img009Garr Reynolds – Presentation Zen

If you are a speaker or want to be a speaker definitely pick up this book. Ever heard of death by powerpoint? Well if not, in this book you will. Learn how to use design presentations which inspire and entertain and captivate your audience and how to design your presentations to something which doesn’t resemble a dictionary exploding all over your screen.



freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img011The 5 Love languages – Gary Chapman

I freakin love this book, it talks about how as inidividuals we all have different ways we feel loved and how we can truly love and show love to our intimate partners and the people in our lives in their own language and not our own. The 5 ways we feel loved and give love: Physical Touch, Words of affirmation, gift of giving, acts of service, quality time. We might be showing love to our partner in our own language, but if they have a different language, then despite how loving we think we are being, they might not be feeling it.

This should be given to every person heading into a new relationship without a doubt and should be essential reading before getting hitched

A special mention goes to the books by David Deida on “the way of the superior man” for guys and “dear lover” for women.



freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img013Robin Sharma – The Greatness Guide

This is full of fundamental success principles and was one of the first self development books I read and I still re-read and re-read. It is awesome. I would highly recommend along with his original book ‘the monk who sold his Ferrari. Cool title right?

freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img014Brian Tracy – Goals

Goal setting underpins all other success in life and Brian Tracy does it well. I’ve listed to his audio book a thousand times and am still picking up new nuggets out of it.


freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img015Wayne Dyer – Excuses Begone

How to live an excuse free life is the mantra of this book, which is something I think we can all relate to. The only reason we don’t have what we want in life is due to the excuses we hypnotize ourselves with about why we can’t have it. Think about some of the favourite excuses you use in your own life about why you can’t do something or why your life is not the way you want it to be? I love the spiritual mix, which Wayne throws into this also. Big fan of his work.

You also can’t go past the book from the man himself Mr Tony Robbins – Awaken the Giant within and almost anything from Jim Rohn, it is all just quality stuff you can’t argue with.



freedom360-5-habits-that-can-make-you-rich-img017Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant

No list of some books about wealth creation could be created without these 2 books, they are hard to go past when it comes to giving you the foundation of how you need to be thinking when you are trying to create wealth.

The other ones that are starting points for everyone are:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and I also love The Millionaire next door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko.



These are some of the ones, which currently sit on one of my bookshelf among hundreds of others, but for anyone thinking about starting their own growth journey or in re-designing their lives, then these are the foundations for you.

Who else has some other great books, which you highly recommend to beginners and those who have been on their own journey for quite a while now?

List them in the comments; I am sure everyone would find them valuable. I am yet to find one around health and vitality, which really stands out to me, so suggestions in this space would be amazing for others to read.


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