The Most Important Question I’ve Been Asked…

A client recently asked me a question that wasn’t about property. But it was important so I wanted to share it with you.

They said “There are days where I feel total drained and I was wondering how do you keep your energy levels up on a consistent basis considering you have so much going on in your life?

The truth is, I struggled with this for quite some time and was getting really tired on a consistent basis.

My body and energy was not keeping up with what I wanted to do and accomplish and this was the exact same question I started asking the mentors in my life.

Here were the things, which made the biggest difference to me:


1. Eating Healthy Foods

freedom360-todd-polke-balance-diet…is always the foundation.

When I eat great foods consistently – with no white breads, starchy foods etc…

And, instead eat high-energy foods, such as the fruits and vegetables, nuts, juices etc….I enjoy abundant energy.

Here is what I started asking: ‘Who do I know that has the most energy and what do they eat and do?

This also helped me make the lifestyle decision to becoming vegetarian, which has helped me a lot energy wise too.


2. Daily Exercise

freedom360-todd-polke-regular-exercise…a totally non-negotiable part of my every day – I don’t care what else is happening around me I get to the gym or find a way to get my body moving fast. That’s because it makes me a better person, more effective and more efficient, lively, energetic person.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy and outrageous, but spend some time moving every single day.


3. Daily Success Rituals

– Your habits are what shape your life. It is not the things you do every now and again, it is the things you do, day in and day out which shape the results you get.

Success is created by having empowering habits and rituals, which you do every single day until they begin to make up a portion of who you are.

These are things like:

Having the same wake up time, nice and early, having time for myself in the morning to spend on growth (just 30 min), reviewing my major goals daily,training in the morning, then a great breakfast just to name a few.

At the end of the day, I have a ritual for changing my hat from businessman to family man, which just involves a walk and talk, debriefing myself on the day and getting rid of anything else in my mind which is business related – so I can be totally present with my family.

Your daily rituals are responsible for the results you are experiencing in your life right now.


While there are many more answers to this question, these 3 are a great start to help you live a life of abundant energy…

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