The most unpopular cashflow strategy in the world!

This guy has created what could be…

“The most unpopular cashflow strategy in the world”….

It’s a new way for councils to ‘skyrocket their cashflow’ by fining more people!

He’s created ‘sensors’ to catch ‘parking cheats’ – i.e. People that park somewhere for longer than the allotted time.

This thing really works; it catches things as minor as a one second stop in a non-stopping zone!

Apparently, in a test for one council it was so effective, that the fine revenue that could have been raised exceeded what a human could have raised in a single year!

Great cashflow booster for the councils – not a great result for us plebeians who pay the fines!

Anyway, the founder is probably not going to win ‘Australian of the Year’ for this…

They won’t name a national holiday after him.  Or put up statues in parks in his honour.

But he’ll probably make a bundle out of it – so he’ll probably sleep well at night…. perhaps on a new super yacht in St Tropez.

However, if you want a cashflow strategy that you can announce to people at a dinner party, without getting kicked out on the curb…

Then check out this strategy of a Sydney property investor.  She’s used commercial real estate to create over $6,000 per week passive income.

She invests in cafes, offices and the like which have long-term tenants in place. These could potentially give you 5-7 times more positive cash flow than residential property for the same amount of investment.

Plus, they could fast-track your financial dreams.

Learn how to do it correctly and safely … from Commercial Property Queen, Helen Tarrant.



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