The ‘Scary’ Real Estate Lesson That Made Me Millions

It’s Nhan Nguyen here. 

Over the past decade, I’ve done over $30 million in property deals – and made millions of dollars in profits for myself and my partners. 

Here’s the story of how I got started…and the 5 key investing rules that made this possible. 

My story began when I failed the exam into medical school…not once, but twice! 

I realised then that the conventional way of ‘getting ahead’ wasn’t for me.

But luckily, I ended up reading a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad. 

This gave me the “property bug”. 

I bought a cheap home – but unfortunately without much research and education.

The tenants trashed it! Expensive lesson.  

From there, I learnt more, and built up and up…borrowing more and more until I owned about 40 properties, by 2009. 

Then, during the GFC I learnt a valuable lesson. 

I had a 20 lot sub-division going on at the time. 

My partners and I expected to make $1 million profit on that. 

However, prices fell and we weren’t getting sales at listed prices. 

We ended having to drop prices 

Now, although we didn’t end up losing money…we ‘only’ made $200k.

And, there were more than a few sleepless nights as contract after contract of sale fell through. 

This taught me a valuable lesson – debt is double edged sword…and although real estate is a solid performing asset class…don’t rely on the market always going up.
This scary lesson, led me to develop my Fast Track System. 

Here are the rules – and I’ll go through these in detail at my upcoming free event, Small Developments Made Easy.  Click here to register now.

1. You buy under market value and off-market – never pay retail. In fact, in many cases, I don’t even
speak to a real estate agent! I speak to the property seller only! 

2. You add value to the property – via a combination of strategies which I’ll share with you.  The secret is to ‘layer’ multiple strategies into a deal, so you are making profit in multiple ways. 

3. You potentially create cashflow in the next 12-24 months – No need to wait 5-10 years when you use my system…because you can potentially use property profits to own high yielding property with the low debt. 

4. You get in, get out, get paid. In many cases, we make money off a deal without even building anything on it – we just get a DA and flip it, or split the land and sell off the smaller land lots.  Our rule is maximum money, in minimum time, with minimum risk. 

5. You often don’t use your own money – so you create wealth in real estate without getting loans or having a deposit. In fact, one of my students made around $350,000 per year – without even buying a property himself!  This is the secret to accelerated property wealth. 

These simple rules have made me close to a $1 million in income in one year through my system – 

And, it allows me to have a portfolio with high cash-flow – and very little debt. 

The good news is, I’ll go through each step-in detail so you can follow my system at my upcoming free event. Hope you can join us.

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