The Soldier who surrendered 30 years after the war was over

Did you hear about the Japanese Soldier who surrendered 30 years after World Was 2 was over?

freedom360 The Soldier who surrendered 30 years after the war was over

He was left on an island in the Philippines with instructions to spy on the enemy.

His fellow soldiers died, so he was left to forage on his own.

He survived of the land, killing cattle and drinking coconut milks.

He did get some leaflets telling him to surrender, but he dismissed them as enemy propaganda.

Finally, after hearing that he was still alive and fighting in the jungle, his superior officer went into the jungle and told him…

‘The war is over’…

So he finally joined the rest of the Japanese military in surrendering….some 30 years after the Japanese Emperor formally surrendered.

But you know, some property investors do a similar thing.

They ‘fight’ the last property market, instead of looking at what’s going to happen in the future.

You see, property markets move in cycles.

Markets tend to peak, then plateau.

And while one area is plateauing another area is peaking.

That’s why you can potentially make much more money by ‘riding the waves’ of wealth’ …investing in different suburbs across multiple cities….than by sticking to your local market.

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