The “Survival Checklist” for Property Investors

An inspiring story for you…

Bear Grylss once tried get into the SAS – the most elite British fighting force.

This is one of the hardest challenges in the world.

‘We don’t try to fail you – we try to kill you’, said one of the instructors to him

Encouraging right?

They’d carry backpacks full of rocks through marshes and through the Scottish highland hills – after days without sleep.

And, that was on their days off!

But he failed the recruitment process.

This is no surprise – 90% of people that apply fail – and these are some of the toughest men in the world.

And, then here’s the amazing part.

He tried again! He chose to put himself through 3 months of hell – twice!

This time he made it.

This is true grit.

The ‘stick-with-it-ness’, and keeping on going when things are uncomfortable that’s the mark of a true champion.

And of course, he’s big on being prepared.

So whenever he goes into the wild he has a survival checklist of things to bring to keep him safe.

And, like any serious endeavour, we property investors need a survival checklist in order to prosper in the market.

So I thought I’d get started in preparing one….here goes.

The Property Investors Survival Checklist

  • A finance broker that specialises in property investors. With the recent tightening of finance, now more than ever before this is vital, if you want to buy multiple properties
  • A due-diligence process that can help you weed out dud properties and snap up the Diamonds
  • An expert accountant who can help you protect your properties from litigation etc. and reduce your tax to the minimum legally possible
  • A strategic plan, that lets you know what properties you need to buy and in what order to achieve your financial goals.
  • A depreciation expert, so you can take advantage of what Robert Kiyosaki calls ‘phantom cashflow’
  • A mentor or coach who can help you developer your strategy and review your deals – and make sure you that you haven’t missed anything in your research
  • Skills in renovating or sub-divisions so you can create equity on demand, should you need a bump in the equity growth in the portfolio

If you go into the market place, with these 7 essentials, you will be prepared to grow and prosper, amidst all the challenges.

Without, them you are like a babe lost in the woods!

If you don’t tick all the boxes on the Survival Checklist attend Todd Polke’s Property Wealth Masterclass – so you are equipped to build an income for life through real estate.

If you haven’t already registered – come along and join us now.

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