The Truth About Amazon’s FBA Service

The Truth About Amazon’s FBA Service – For People Who Want to Create Extra Cashflow

Are you interested in becoming an Amazon seller?

Amazon’s expansion into Australia has created brand new opportunities for many people to supplement or even potentially replace their existing income.

Better yet, the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service can take a lot of the hard work out of your hands – because they warehouse, pack, and send your product to customers for you.

Here we’re going to take a look at the amazing benefits that you get with FBA – and a few of the issues to watch out for.

The Benefits

There are plenty of great reasons to use FBA. These include the following:

  • Amazon handles all of the shipping and delivery issues for you. When somebody places an order, Amazon picks the stock and gets it delivered on your behalf. This is particularly useful when you’re selling hundreds of items per day.
  • You can qualify for Amazon Prime shipping when you use FBA. This means that all of Prime members get a free two-day shipping option with their order. The prospect of quick delivery can motivate people to make a purchase where they might have hesitated.
  • Using FBA also gives you higher placement in Amazon’s buy box. You also get the FBA tag, which acts as a seal of approval. Great prominence and Amazon’s own seal both result in more sales.
  • You aren’t limited to selling through Amazon when you sign up to FBA. You can sell your products through multiple channels and still have Amazon fulfil the orders for you.
  • Amazon handles most of the customer service related issues for your product for you.
The Issues

All of these benefits may make it seem like using FBA is a no-brainer. But there are a few issues to keep in mind.

  • There are some fees attached to FBA. Plus, Amazon has the right to alter these fees based on their discretion. We find that these fees are very reasonable for the service they provide – much easier and better than doing it yourself.
  • You don’t receive customer email addresses when they make purchases. This makes it more difficult to build an email list that you could use for remarketing. However, there are ways around this issue for clever sellers.

For many sellers, the benefits of FBA far outweigh the issues that it presents.

In fact, because you can sell your product via FBA in many countries around the world such as India, USA, Europe, UK, Australia etc.

And because you get access to 100’s of millions of Amazon customers.

It’s fair to say, that due to FBA creating an income by selling a product globally has never been easier.

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