The Voyager Aircraft Spacecraft Could Travel to Sun in 3 Weeks

The Voyager Aircraft is travelling so fast, that it could travel the 93 million miles from the Earth to the Sun….in 3 weeks!

This is an exciting time, because we’re about to learn more about the edges of our solar system, than ever before.

The space craft should keep propelling until 2020 which will give us ample time for vast discovery.

One of the key principles of space travel is zero velocity.

This means, it takes us much energy to get a rocket out of the earths gravitational sphere….as it does to get it to moon and back!

That’s because, the hardest part is getting the momentum to get moving!

And it’s the same with property investing.

Getting started is the hardest part – then your portfolio will give you the momentum – equity and cashflow – to keep going, if you do it the right way.

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