There are now 65,486 Jedi’s in Australia….

Every 5 years Australians fill out a census.

Mind-numbingly boring, but it lets the government figure out new policy ideas to move our nation ahead…

It also lets us get an idea of how our country is taking shape.

For example, did you know that there are 65,486 people who marked ‘Jedi-ism’ as their national religion.

Image result for yoda wisdomYep, ‘The Force’ from Star Wars….

Believe it or not, that’s more than many actual religious groups such as the Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventists and many Orthodox churches.

Looks like our little buddy Yoda is capturing hearts and minds, with his wisdom.

One of the key things, that Yoda says that we as property investors can learn from is this:

‘You must unlearn what you have learnt’.

You see we’ve all got ‘inherited beliefs’ around money, debt, spending, investing etc.

We didn’t choose to have these beliefs – we ‘picked them’ up from our family and friends.

These beliefs shape our actions – without us even knowing it.

He’s also going to talk you through ‘habits of the wealthy’.

An accountant to the wealthy studied nearly 1,000 self-made millionaires and found they all shared these 5 simple habits in common.

Todd will also do a complete property market update – so you can pinpoint the next areas to potentially boom in 2015 and beyond.

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