This couple want you to give them $100,000 to live in the forest

So, this couple are doing a ‘crowd-funding’ campaign to raise $100,000.

Crowd funding is when you do a campaign online to get people to contribute to your business/idea etc.

Anyways, this couple was trying to raise $100,000 to ‘go off the grid’.

They want to go and buy farm land in Costa Rica and live self-sustainably – grow their own food etc. and raise their kids ‘naturally’.

Then, to ‘pay back’ the people that donate…they’ll tell the people that give them money what they learn on the way.

Now, I am all for people finding new, healthy environmental sustainable ways to live. And it’s an inspiring vision.

But what’s wrong with this picture?

These people want to get other people to pay them…to learn how to become self-reliant!

Not sure if they’ve thought this through. Not surprisingly, there’s been a huge backlash online because of this seeming contradiction.

But, speaking of being self-reliant, how many Australians do you think will be self-funded retirees?

I’ll tell you the answer. Very few!

The reason is that, you need to own your home debt free…and have a couple of million in asset to make that happen.

And many Australians aren’t near that. Not even close.

That’s why it’s time to get moving in building your portfolio.

Because, with 3 of the right sort of properties in your portfolio….you could potentially set yourself up with an income for life when you retire.

You just need to invest smart and make the right choices.

Now, that’s something worth focussing on….

Even, if you don’t get given $100,000 so you can forage for berries in Costa Rica.


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