This guy bought 10% of facebook for $500,000. Here’s 5 of his best life lessons

Have you heard of Peter Thiel?

Not only did he start Paypal, he also was an early bird investor in Facebook – he bought 10% for $500,000.

So, he’s financially comfortable.

Anyway, he’s a super smart guy so I thought I’d share some of his wisdom with you…to help you grow as an investor and a human being.

  1. Avoid taking extreme positions on life.

“Extreme pessimists find no point in doing anything. And extreme optimists find no need to do anything. They both converge on doing nothing.”

  1. Conventional wisdom doesn’t always lead us to our best life

“Elite students climb confidently until they reach a level of competition sufficiently intense to beat their dreams out of them

Higher education is the place where people who had big plans in high school get stuck in fierce rivalries with equally smart peers over conventional careers like management consulting and investment banking.

For the privilege of being turned into conformists, students (or their families) pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in skyrocketing tuition that continues to outpace inflation.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?”

 Peter’s wisdom for his younger self: “If you ever have to choose between status or substance, choose substance.”

Humans are social animals. We tend to go with what our ‘society’ says is right.

But, Peter says we should go with what will allow us to live our best life and make the biggest impact in the world. That’s where fulfilment lies.

  1. Surprise! The world’s not getting worse – it’s getting better.

Contrary to all the doom and gloom in the media, things are improving.

For example, in1840 the average Swedish woman lived to 46. Now it’s risen to age 87. Life expectancy’s gone up 2.5 years per decade.

  1. Knowledge trumps education

“I don’t like the word education because it is such an extraordinary abstraction. I’m very much in favor of learning.

I’m much more skeptical of credentialing or the abstract called education….

Like, what is it that you’re learning? Why are you learning it? Are you going to college because it’s a four year party?

Is it a consumption decision? Is it an investment decision, where you’re investing in your future? Is it insurance? Or is a tournament, where you’re just beating other people?”


As Jim Rohn says ‘Formal education can make you a living. Self-education can make you a fortune’.

Warren Buffet reads 250-1000 pages a day. That’s a real thirst for knowledge.

How are you educating yourself and enriching your mind, body, and soul today?

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