This guy made $100 million. This is the #1 skill that made it possible…

I once met a guy that sold a company for $100 million. 

He was a lovely guy who lived on a boat in Sydney. 

Anyway, he says that the thing that helped him create so much wealth was ‘Decisionship’…

The ability to make great decisions consistently. 

Because, our life is a series of decisions – and they completely affect the results we get…. financially and all in other areas of life. 
So, here’s’ a video from Todd Polke about how to make smarter decisions, that lead to a wealthier, happier you…. 



  1. Mark Wigoder

    Hi — I came across an email you sent me inviting me to attend one of your seminars next weekend in Sydney– unfortunately I won’t be here in Sydney on that weekend– where can get more information regarding the service you provide please?
    Mark Wigoder

    • John Anderson

      Hi Mark, thanks for letting us know. You can join other events that will be held in other cities. Please check this page for more of the details –


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