This guys bought and sold over 1,700 homes. Here’s his ‘lazy’ wealth secret…

Ron Le Grand is a former mechanic, who’s bought and sold around 1,700 houses in the US. 

You know what his motto for money-making is. 

“The less I do, the more money I make”

Sounds crazy, right?

We’re all taught that success in life is all about ‘hard work’ – and the harder you work the more successful you are. 

But Ron has found, that when he takes time to think and delegate – he makes more money. 

The key is taking the right sort of action – the 20% that gets you 80% of the result. 

I know a guy who’s currently got millions of dollars of townhouse developments on the go. 

He’s not a particularly hard worker. Yet, he’s worth mega-millions! 

Yet, I know taxi drivers who work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and earn $1,200 week. 

But here’s something else to consider. 

As a pro ‘small developer’ – doing sub-divisions, splitters etc. you don’t need to work more than 20 hours or so a week to potentially make a great living of $200,000+ per year. 

That’s because, as Nhan Nguyen says: 

“Most of the stuff involved with a sub-division I cannot do”.  

He’s not a town planner, a builder, an architect etc. a lawyer etc. 

So, he has to outsource everything

And after everything’s being done by the professionals… 

What else is there for him to do but….


Or whatever else he wants to do on that day. 

This is why he takes 6 weeks of holidays a year with his family…and goes fishing on a Monday and still earns great money.

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