This house has a terrible past

This house has a terrible past.

house past

Domain reported a story recently about 2 bed room terrace house in Surrey hills in Sydney.

The owners deceased body had been in there for 8 years – without anyone noticing she was dead.

Her neighbours thought the house was abandoned.

Imagine how lonely this poor old lady must have felt before she died with such a small support network that no one even noticed she was gone for 8 years.

It makes you think how isolated we can become from our neighbours in our busy lives.

Frankly, with one of my neighbours the more isolated I can be the better.

But on a serious note, this is a real wakeup call to us all – ‘don’t be a stranger’.

Reach out to people in your community. It can make a real difference.

Anyway, the home is for sale now and whoever buys it has their work cut out for them.

Because as this picture shows it’s in a state of disrepair.

house past

Offers are expected around the $1 million mark, and there’s been a lot of interest – although some people have of course been put off by the sad past.

house past

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  1. Kimra CHEA

    The news of her dead make the community in a sock !!!
    Because lack of communication and lack of responsible in organization . That house should keep for memory and kept for public use !!!


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