This investor made about $32,876 PER DAY for 50 years – Here’s his investing advice…

The world’s most successful investor Warren Buffett reads about 800 pages a day.

His networth is about $70 Billion dollars.

When someone asked him for his advice on how to get started in investing he said…

“Read the report of every company on the New York Stock Exchange.”

“But Warren, there’s over 60,000 companies” they replied.

“Start with the A’s!”

So true.

Research is key.

And for Warren Buffett his research knowledge has allowed him to earn an average of around $32,876 per day! 

And likewise, for us property investors, suburb selection is critical.

Take two properties both bought for $500,000.

One grows at 4% on average for 9 years.

One grows at 8% on average for 9 years.

The one growing at 4% will be worth around $700,000.

The one growing at 8% will be worth over $1 million.

That’s a $300,000 difference!

Multiply this difference over 4 properties and you’ve made over $1 million extra capital gain.  

That’s the power of effective suburb selection. 

That’s why it’s so important you join Todd Polke at his webcast tonight.

He’s going to reveal what over $1 billion of property transactions…has taught him about finding suburbs that potentially soar in price…

At affordable price points – even in today’s market.

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