This “Seinfeld” Marketing Breakthrough Tripled Sales

How a Company Tripled its Sales with the “Seinfeld Marketing Breakthrough”

If you’re a business owner looking for out-of-the-box ways to explore your sales, you’ll love this.

After the final season of Seinfeld, the networks begged Jerry Seinfeld to make one more season.

Rumour has it that they even offered him $100 million and Jerry turned it down.

Yet, John Dwyer from Australia was able to pull him out of retirement – for a humble little Aussie building society campaign.

The result?

The society TRIPLED its home loan market share in the first 24 months of its launch!

At this event with John Dwyer you’ll discover the ‘inside story’ of exactly what “JD’ said to pull off this amazing marketing coup.

And more importantly HOW you could scoop ‘star power’ to skyrocket your company’s sales almost overnight – on a shoe string budget.

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible for your brand and sales, when you discover this ‘star-power’ secret.

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Plus that’s just the start of what you’ll discover at this new free event.

What you’ll discover:

  • The #1 proven winning AD template for Facebook and Offline media – to almost instantly flood your business with new leads
  • FREE MARKETING! How to get your competitor to effectively FUND your marketing for you. Plus, thank you for the ‘privilege’
  • How to get one out of 3 people to buy from you and up to 61% to buy again. The ‘Wow’ marketing secret that works almost every time.
  • Never compete on price again! A NSW company used this secret and their phone line was jammed with callers the next day. And, yet they never mentioned their price in the ads.
  • The “Underdog Equaliser”. What to do if you’re up against strong competition. How to quickly turn the tables and start grabbing the lion’s share of new customers Without spending more on ads.

FREE MASTERCLASS – Discover the ‘Wow’ Marketing Secrets to Triple Sales Fast – CLICK HERE

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