Todd Polke's

portfolio builder mastermind

Here’s what’s included in my Real Estate success coaching program.

The “Properties buying Properties” 3 Day Boot Camp



You’ll create a personal action plan to own a portfolio that gives you a healthy income for life in the next 10 years or less. Also discover the 8 investment ‘master’ strategies of property millionaires.

You will also receive:

  • Golden Resource #1 – your own Personal Wealth Folder which will contain all your essential financial resources, such as your credit file report, investment strategy, wealth profile and more.
  • Golden Resource #2 – the DVDs of the event so you can go back to the lessons again and again and really grasp them

Backyard Boom - 2 Day Masterclass



How to create big chunks of equity fast through small developments. Discover step-by-step process for sub-divisions, splitters, profitable renovations, strata-titling and more.

Property Finance Secrets of Multi-Millionaire Investors



Discover how to get finance for your first 3 investment properties and how to structure your loans so you can keep expanding your portfolio beyond that.

6 video lessons – stored in your private member’s area.

You will also receive:

Extra bonus: A complimentary borrowing power report from a ‘top gun’ broker who owns multiple properties. They’ll let you know how many properties you can buy – and what you need to do to buy more.

12 Months Live group coaching – Get your personal property questions answered by Todd



Get your wealth related questions answered on a live webcast in the live Q and A with me. If you’re stuck in your investing this is the place to get your questions answered by me personally.

Plus, you’ll also be part of a private Facebook group where you can ask myself and my boardroom of financial experts’ questions.

Exclusive attendance at the “The Wealth Boardroom”



Every quarter for 12 months you can spend a day with my own personal ‘boardroom’ of experts for a ‘hands-on’ money make-over. 

You can:

  • Talk to a specialist property finance broker who will help you work out your ‘serviceability’ level.
  • Speak to an accountant who specialises in property about your current structures to make sure they are best suited for portfolio building and asset protection.
  • Get a personal portfolio review by me or one of my highly trained property coaches who will give you guidance on your next best-steps.
  • Get the latest research on up and coming ‘hotspots’.
  • Discover your unique ‘wealth profile’ using a profiling system based on a study of the world’s richest people –find out what path to wealth you are best suited to.

*Financial experts at each boardroom will vary according to member demand

The "1 Percenters" "Fast Track" Coaching Program



You’ll receive regular coaching emails from me with specific, quick and easy tasks i.e. ‘1 percenters’ – that will transform your financial results when you apply them.

The Money Secrets of Multi-Millionaire Investors (Home Study Course)



Grow your wealth safely, surely and steadily by ‘modelling’ the daily habits, behaviours, philosophies and investing secrets of the world’s richest investors. 

12 video lessons – stored in your online private member’s area.

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