Trumpocalypse now!

Whether you’re hopeful about Donald Trump’s Presidency….or pouring scotch in your morning coffee…one thing is clear.

President Elect Donald Trump is not a ‘business as usual’ guy.

If he governs even remotely like he campaigned there could be big changes afoot in the world.

Questions in my mind…

What does it mean for the American/Australian alliance?

– The US Relationship with Russia and China
– Global Trade and the global economy – will there be trade wars if he pursues his protectionist policies
– And of course, this election could have repercussions for American power.

For example, California’s movement to break away and form its own separate country – the ‘Calexit’ is gaining steam and being supported by some big-wigs in Silicon Valley.

This isn’t a crazy idea, when you consider the Californian economy would be the 7th largest economy in the world if it was its own nation.

Anyway, I could go on and on….but, all we can do is wait and see….and hope and pray that Trump gets a solid team of advisors around him….

However, while we don’t have control over the U.S.A, one thing you can control is your own economic destiny.

You are captain of your own financial ship – you set the course you want to follow.

That’s why I urge you to watch this new webcast by Nhan Nguyen.

You’ll discover how take control of your own financial future, through doing small developments.

The amazing thing about his system is you can make money through doing deals…

– Even if you don’t have much money to get started…
– And, without even speaking to a builder….

How is that possible? You’ll find out at the webcast…

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