(Warning) Do not feed hallucinogens to the alligators

Check out this sign…

Got to be some sort of crazy story behind it right?

“Hey Billie Ray…I got an idea.”

“What are you thinking Bobby Jay?

“Let’s go feed magic mushrooms to 12-foot-long man eating predators”

“Snap! Just what I was thinking Billy Ray.”

Luckily, the new rule on the sign will deter Bobby and Billy from feeding the animals hallucinogens in the future.

Speaking of new rules….

The new APRA rules have certainly changed the game of finance.

Now, more than ever before if you want to buy 3 or more properties you need to have the right team around you to guide you through the finance process.

That’s why Todd’s put together this new webcast to help you get you build the right team – so you can potentially buy 3 properties in the next 3 years.

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