What I learnt swimming in ice bergs…

I am a big believer that your daily habits, can transform the quality of your life. 

Even little things, like meditating for 5 minutes in the morning…

Or going for a quick ‘refresher’ walk, before you greet your family after a hard day of work, so you can bring your best self to them. 

One of my (almost) daily habits for “peak performance” is going for a swim in the ocean.
Sometimes I might swim for 500 metres. On the weekend, when I have more time I might swim a couple of Kilometres.
Whatever the distance, I always find it a total recharge.  I can think more clearly, and I feel good. 

Plus, if the property investing education business doesn’t work out, I can always offer my services to Seal Team Six….

But here’s the challenge. 

I live in Victoria and the water is starting to get a little colder

Ok, I am not swimming in Icebergs just yet – but my head was feeling a little numb when I first went under. 

The wild backbeach near my home (Disclaimer, not where I usually go swimming!)

As I got out of the water, it reminded me of how the property market in certain areas is getting ‘colder’… 

Developers are starting to do firesales on apartments to get them sold. 

The governments, cracking down on investor lending. 

And, we’ll likely start to see flatlining of prices in certain areas for a few years – especially amongst apartments. 

This certainly happened last time in Sydney after the 2002 boom.

After the boom, in 2003 the median property price in Sydney was $420,000. 

10 years later in 2013, the median property price was $588,000. 

So, for 10 years investors held property without seeing a lot of price growth. 

This is why it’s’ great to have a diversified portfolio – so if your properties in one area are ‘freezing over’…

You have properties in other areas that are on fire…giving you ample cashflow and equity.
One great way to look at diversifying your portfolio is through commercial property.

That’s’ because commercial property can also give you great capital growth…

(For example, believe it or not, Sydney office space is predicted to outperform Sydney houses this year.)

Plus, you can potentially get net positive cashflow of up to $20,000 per year – from a $450,000 property.  

Yes, that’s $20,000 in your pocket, after loan repayments, and property expenses. 

Helen Tarrant is an investor who has blue chip residential property. 

And, she balances that out with cashflow commercial property that pays her a net passive income of $6,000 per week.

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