What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School

Have you read this book?

The author’s the real deal – he built a $500 million sports management company.

The 3 skills he says you need to master as a successful entrepreneur, apply equally to property investing. They are:

Reading people

The art of persuasion

Hiring the best mentors to teach you what you don’t know
Hiring the best mentors is the ‘master key’ as they can teach you everything you need to know much quicker.

Being ‘independent’ and ‘self-reliant’ is over-rated! A mentor of mine once said ‘you are only as strong as your support’, and it’s true.

Think on this. If you had to unlock a vault, would you want to be ‘independent’ in coming up with the combination…out of 7355865868 possibilities.

Or would you prefer a mentor, just to tell you the secret code?

One way gets you in the vault in seconds…the other could take 1000’s of years.

Here’s a great place to find a mentor to help you take your next best step in property…to fast-track the process.

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