When a burnt down house becomes a camping opportunity

It’s wise to look for the hidden benefits of any situation – even if it appears bad at first.

Ok, maybe not like that.

Reminds of me the old joke.

A little girl asks her parents all year for a Pony for Christmas.

When she wakes up on Christmas morning…instead of a pony she finds a pile of manure under the tree, as her present.

Yet, she jumps up and down with joy!

Her parents are curious why she’s so happy.

“With all this manure, there must be a pony around here somewhere!”

However, optimism is not enough to be a successful investor. Sure it might get you going.

Far more important to have a step-by-step property-action-plan….and a team of expert advisors around you to help make it happen.

Make sure your property action plan, also has ‘Plan B’s’ – what you’ll do if things don’t get as planned.

As Tony Robbins says: Life is not about pretending there are no weeds. It’s about ripping the suckers out’.

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