When a Meteorite came flying through this guy’s roof!

Imagine this…You’re relaxing at home….watching Netflix….feet up…..glass of wine.

Life is good.

Then Boom. A rock comes hurtling through the roof.

That’s what happened to a guy in Thailand.

The interesting part is, the rock is thought to be a meteorite.

Just a little reminder, that the earth is like a spaceship spinning around in an infinite universe.

Can you get meteorite insurance to reduce the risk of this????

Speaking of reducing risk….

This is one of the key topics that Nhan’s going to be covering at Small Developments Made Easy

How to reduce the risk of property investing by…

– Buying under value
– Adding value
– Securing properties – with none of your own money in the deal
– Doing professional feasibilities on each deal
– Getting in and out of the deal, in the fastest possible time with the least possible capital investment

Follow these 5 steps and you can reduce the risk of any deal – because you’re not dependent on the market going up

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