“Where are all the cracker deals? Show me the money!”

Some people say ‘It’s too hard to find deals at discount’.

And yes, it can be hard – if you’re just looking on real estate.com.au or speaking to a local real estate agent.

But if you know what you’re doing you can find cracker deals like this one – even in a hot market like Sydney.

That’s a hefty fast equity uplift of $80,250 – achieved by buying at a discount and doing a quick cosmetic Reno.

However, you just need to know how to find ‘cracker’ deals like this before they even get listed with a real estate agent.

The good thing is, you’ll discover how to do this at Nhan Nguyen’s upcoming property event.

But you must hurry.

That’s because tomorrow will be the LAST chance I give you to register for our Melbourne and Sydney events – because we’re almost at full capacity.

And Brisbane and Goldcoast are filling up fast too.

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