Why property investors end up as ‘bear food’…..

Did you hear the story?

Recently a 7-year-old Japanese boy was left in a bear-inhabited forest as ‘punishment’ by his parents.

He was throwing stones and generally creating chaos.

So they were planning to leave him there for a few minutes to scare him.

Then they came back to get him, he had gone.

He ended up sleeping in an old military hut. Luckily there was a tap with running water attached to it, so he managed to survive.

Thank God, he was found by some soldiers a week later.

The kid has since forgiven his dad saying

“You are a good dad. I forgive you” …adding ‘’I was wrong, because I didn’t listen to what my dad was saying.”

But think of all the things this kid didn’t have out there.

– Means to create fire
– Survival skills
– Food
– Weapons to protect himself against wild animals
– Companionship

It’s a miracle he made it alive…He’s just an average kid – not Bear Grylls!

It reminds me of some property investors I speak too. They start investing, but they are so incredibly ill equipped to succeed.

– They only look for deals realestate.com.au (rather than finding off-market deals)

– They get advice from people who aren’t successful investors

– They just buy in their own suburb – rather than doing due diligence on emerging ‘superstar’ suburbs

– And they don’t invest strategically – no plan, just buying random properties

Then, they wonder why they get eaten by bears financially speaking!

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