Why the world’s richest man wears a $10 watch

Bill Gates wears a $10 watch.

Until recently he even flew economy – in accordance with his company policy.

Despite being the richest man in the world.

The second richest man in the world Carlos Slim still lives in his own home…and drives his own car.

Meanwhile, Azim Premji is worth $15 billion, and he monitors the amount of toilet papers his workers use.

Maybe that’s going a bit far!

Why do these billionaires share the common trait of frugality?

Because they are more concerned with owning assets…than ‘looking good’.

That’s because Assets that give them rivers of cashflow month after month, after month.

This is true wealth. And at the Property Wealth Masterclass in Brisbane or Goldcoast this coming weekend you’ll learn how to accumulate a large portfolio of real estate assets.

That can potentially pay you a healthy income for life….each and every month, like clock-work.

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