Why Valet’s mistrust me

When I fly with Virgin now I tend to leave my car with the new Virgin Valet service.

It’s only a few bucks more, and its saves me at least 20 minutes schlepping around the car park.

Spending a little bit extra to buy back your time, is almost always a smart investment.

But, I had something funny happen to me the other day.

I drove up to the valet, with my humble little Skoda and the guy said.

‘Are you sure you’re in the right place sir…you know you have to pay for this”

I was like…

“Yeah I get it. It’s valet parking. I know how to read and write too and do basic sums too.”

Then, I twigged.

The guy thought ‘nobody driving in that crap car can is going to want to pay for this’.

But, here’s the thing.

I was chatting with Nhan Nguyen the other day. And he said:

‘A car is one of the cheapest ways for people to pretend to be rich’.

It’s easy to put a European car on easy finance terms, and drive it around town.

What’s hard is to build assets – you can’t fake that.

That’s why I try and keep my fixed expenses low – reasonably humble house, humble cars….

Sure, we eat out at cafes a bit and get a little bit of help around the home…

And, of course, I guzzle Chateau Lafite like it’s water…. (Just kidding!)

But, I try and live a simple life….so I can keep my energy and focus on where it counts….building assets.

This is what Helen Tarrant has done too….

And now she’s gone from growing up a kid in West Sydney from China who couldn’t speak English…

To living on Sydney’s Northshore and spending her recreation time boating on the harbour with her husband and her little son Max.

All through the power of cash-positive real estate investing….

In fact, she recently bought 2 properties that give her $58,000 per year of passive income.

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