Will our booming population cause property price growth?

Bono from U2 was doing a concert in Glasgow in Scotland.

He wanted to share about child poverty in the world.

So he started slowly clapping his hands, saying…

‘’Every time I clap my hands…a child dies’

Then a voice came out from the audience….

“Well, then stop clapping your hands you bastard”

Now, I don’t know if this story is true.

But here’s a statistic from Bureau of statistics that is true – and very important for us property investors.

In Australia, there’s…

  • one birth every 1 minute and 46 seconds
  • one death every 3 minutes and 23 seconds
  • a net gain of one international migration every 2 minutes and 37 seconds

Leading to an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 32 seconds.

That means in roughly the time it will take you to read this email, our population has grown by one person.

We are still a growing country.

Does this mean every suburbs going to ‘boom’ in price growth?

Not at all.  You also need to look at many other factors such as increasing incomes…scarcity of housing…. transport infrastructure, proximity to employment.

But what it does mean…

If you are willing do your research and take action…. boundless opportunities still exist for you in Australian property in 2016.

Make sure you’re ready to take advantage of them…

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