You couldn’t make this stuff up…

Recently in a court in Pakistan a Judge asked a police constable if he knew how a Grenade that he was holding worked.

Instead of saying “Yes, I do’ the eager officer chose to demonstrate his knowledge.

He pulled out the pin of a grenade to show the judge.

3 seconds later. Boom! Three people were injured including the Judge and the court clerk!

You couldn’t make this stuff up!


This reminds me of an interesting point about property investing.

The best way to learn how it works is not by just ‘pulling out the pin’ and buying properties, like our friend the ‘gung ho’ officer.

It’s by getting educated, and having a clear step-by-step system to follow.

Because each mistake you make in property can cost you a LOT of money.

But if you get it right, you can earn more money each night while you sleep…than you do going to work.

That’s why tonight at 8pm I’m going to spend 60 minutes guiding you through Todd Polke’s investing system for retiring with a healthy income from property….no matter where you’re starting from today.

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